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Posted by anfpunkerboi on 2005.11.09 at 01:16
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Goldfrapp
What is your name darling? which one? ahahaha.. MacPherson

Age in gay years? 6 plus

Age in dog years? I never atteneded obedience shool so i dunno... 204?

Who is your favorite clubkid? dia Elektra of the House of Prophet

In your opinion what is a cookie? one is green n you do that first, then you eat the chips-a-hoy kind next ;-)

Drug of choice? let it roll kids, let it roll

If you could meet any star, who would it be and why? I would meet Michaal Alig and James St. James, but back in the day so that i could have been part of teh original revolution too.. inus drugs and murdering of course.

Have you ever had a hash cookie? I haven't

Sex? Only if I can wear the seven inch glitter boots ( they don't get used enough and neither do I...KIDDING)

If you could change one major event in history, which one would you change? The path in which I have taken.

To You
Posted by malano_dubois on 2005.11.05 at 07:27
Current Mood: chipperchipper


When I no longer know the difference bet

Coming soon to a club near you..

Posted by tanthony on 1970.01.13 at 03:15
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Calendar of Upcoming Events
@ The Escape PDX

September 2005

Friday the 30th
Friday Night Dance Party
Complimentary 2005 Glammies Nomination Ballot w/ paid admission to event.
Just fill out your nomination slip and look for one of those fabulous PDX ClubKidZ
at the Glammies display located in the front of the venue.

October 2005

Saturday the 1st
In to the Woods
PRESENTED BY HMIM Rosebud XXIX Jinx M Dubois and HMIM Ms. Leather XIX Cloudy Monsoon
featuring HMIM Thorn XXIX Hollywood Pink, Sweet N' Low, Panique, HMIM Rosebud XXIX Jinx M Dubois,
HMIM Ms. Leather XIX Cloudy Monsoon and whoever else might pop out of the forest...
Come see this SPOOKY take on your favorite Brother's Grimm fairy tales.

Friday the 7th
Dyke Nite! -
This is how it works. It’s ladies nite tonight, all females in wife beaters pay a cheeper cover charge at the door.
The more girlz on the floor, the more often dyke nite will be in effect. It’s that simple.
Also that evening...
Speaker BoxxTopp Debut II
Help your resident host Dr. Chance de Valmont pick two talented individuals to come back and battle it to the
finish for their spot at the Speaker Boxx Topp!

ALL weekend, with paid cover... you will be the first to vote from the Glammies nominations tallied previously.

Saturday the 8th
Black and White Striped Ball
featuring "Death Circuit"
Brought to you by MacPherson
Hosted (tentatively) by
HIM Ms. Leather XVIII Lucienne Noir dePrada and
HMIM Ms. Lace XIX Devinity.
Featuring performances by:
Mr. Gay Portland XXX The Lovely Dr. Chance de Valmont,
Debutante XXXIV Summer Seasons.
TMIM Thorn XXIX Hollywood Pink & Rosebud XXIX Jinx M. Dubois,
HMIM Ms. Leather XIX Cloudy Monsoon,
Devo Dolce MacPherson Noir Devoid,

Saturday the 15th
The moment you’ve all been waiting for...
The 2005 Glammies
*Sixth Annual Performance Art Awards
The Grammies but with a clubkid twist.
Brought to you and hosted by the PDX Clubkidz!
Witness history as the last vote has been counted, to recognize the fiercest of 2005!

Friday the 21st
Escape from NYC!
Royals from the Imperial Court of New York City
Yet again Rose Empress XLIII The Lovely Suzanne
brings back some of the finest entertainment there is.

All this and more located at Portland's only All age alternative lifestyles venue.
The Escape Nightclub
Featuring The Cage
333 Southwest Park
Portland, Oregon 97209

Got questions?

See I even did mine!

Posted by tanthony on 2005.09.23 at 02:07
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
What is your name darling? Dr. Chance de Valmont
Age in gay years? 8
Age in dog years? alot
Who is your favorite clubkid?- !
In your opinion what is a cookie?---- A yummie green treat
Drug of choice?----puff puff
If you could meet any star, who would it be and why? PSB. Because I love them.
Have you ever had a hash cookie? no but I'll go make some.
Sex? when ever I can.
If you could change one major event in history, which one would you change? Oregon's sale to American Colonies. Switch sale to Britan.

If you have

Lite up keep...

Posted by tanthony on 2005.09.01 at 02:07
Hey all,

I've been slacking.... yall been slacking...

Where are all the applications KidZ?

Oh Don't forget to say hi to our new leading ladies...

Ms. Leather XXIX
Clowdy Monsoon &
Ms. Lace XXIX Devinity!

This years pageant was one of the best!
Erotica & Lucienn props on a fun year.

If you missed this years pageant come down to
the 19th Annual Leather & Lace Investitures

With PDX Clubkid Host:
Dr. Chance de Valmont

Sat September 17th 2005
the Escape Nightclub
333 SW Park PDX
All Ages Event


Posted by pinaloca13 on 2005.06.02 at 04:56
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: just a lil bit-50 cent
YOU ALL better come visit me at the rose festival when I work. I work 5pm-midnight friday-saturday-sunday. monday&tuesday from noon-midnight and then wednesday-thursday friday saturday-sunday 5pm-midnight! TELL EVERYONE TO COME VISIT ME!!! I'm going to be working at the all stars concession booth!!!!


Shawnta` slingin HOT GREASY FOOD in a sexi red polo....what more could you want???

love always,
a WORKING girl ;-)


Friday May 27th 2005 @ 12:30 am

Clubkid Fridays present:
Amateur Night
Hosted by The Gay Duo: Miss Pepper and Miss Malano (the baddest bitches in the west)

Come on down to The Escape to see some hot new faces grace the stage for the first time. And bring those bills too!

Check us out at http://home.comcast.net/~pdxclubkidz/index.htm


Saturday May 28th 2005 @ 1:00 am

Mystic Star's Birthday Bash
Join Mystic in some visual stimulation for his very own birthday party!
Special Performance by H.I.M. Thorn XXIV Michael Star and many more!

All at
The Escape Nightclub
333 SW Park

Come one come all!

Posted by tanthony on 2005.05.02 at 11:45
Clubkid gathering...

The Escape Nightclub

Tue May 3rd 2005


Dr. de Valmont

Please help me get a ipod shuffle! i'm dieing for music!

Posted by pinaloca13 on 2005.04.08 at 05:06
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: no music :(

I know that it's not totally free but in the end we win, a couple bucks shipping and handling and getting 3 people to do the same isn't that hard with friendly people online.

It's a completely legitimate offer, and this company has already given away $4 million in FREE stuff!

All you have to do is join, complete an online offer, and refer 3 friends to do the same. That's it!

Here is my referral link. To help me get my iPod Shuffle, click this exact link to join, or copy and paste it into a browser:

make sure and click the link though, cause otherwise it won't be credited to my account. I just need 3 nice people to do this! I hope people will help me cause I TRULY need music my Cd player just isnt cutting it anymore :( :( :(!!!

a musicless beavertonian!!






just click it PLEASE!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :(!!

Work it bitches!

Posted by tanthony on 2005.03.07 at 16:16
Current Mood: amusedamused

Just wanted to put this pic up...
I'll put more up later!

Dr, de Valmont

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